After receiving my photography degree, I started photographing for various magazines, news papers and media outlets throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskill area of NY. This continued for quite a number of years, all while being published in both print and digitally on a national level.

My wife and I then relocated to South Florida and I ventured into the world that I was always intimidated by; the world of Wedding Photography. While still covering the occassional news story here and there, and inbetween my travels from the East Coast to the West Coast photographing athletic events, my intimidation of weddings developed more into a passion. With each wedding I photographed, the more I loved photographing them.

After some time living in South Florida, we started to realize how much we missed having more then just one weather season. So when time allowed, we did more travelling of our own. During these travels, we fell in love with Asheville, Noth Carolina, as it reminded us so much of a town we used to live in and loved so much along New York's Hudson River; a small town of Beacon, NY.

Fast forward to 2017...

I still photograph weddings in the South Florida area (and have even started to book in the Bahamas) and I still occasionally travel to photograph athletic events, but we are now based out of Asheville, NC, photographing weddings, and we couldn't be happier!



All images on this site is (C) 2017 Mike Rice Photography


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